If the thought of cooking dinner after a hard day’s work is enough to lessen your appetite, you may want to call in an expert to lend a hand in your kitchen. While such a specialized service used to be beyond the budget of most average families, a new breed of professional chefs are bringing gourmet cooking into people’s homes at prices that are palatable for most tastes and budgets.

The Growing Field Of Personal Chefs

Cost For A Personal Chef

They are called personal chefs, and they come into your home and oversee all of your meal and preparation, including planning, shopping, cooking, cleaning and storing an array of meals you can take out and heat as you need them. There are currently close to 9,000 personal chefs in the United States today and you can find them in big cities and small towns, cooking for busy families, working couples and singles who want to find healthy meals waiting for them when they come home from office without having to go to any trouble.

Most personal chefs bring a range of experience to the kitchen, from a degree in nutrition to experience as a caterer or cook in a restaurant, to extensive time spent cooking for their own families. Regardless of their different backgrounds, though, what most of them share is a real talent and passion for cooking. And unlike private chefs, who are hired as an employee to cook exclusively for one family, personal chefs work for multiple clients at the same time. This allows them to perform their services in a cost-effective way that makes them accessible for people of many income levels.

Benefits Of A Personal Chef

If you find yourself eating in restaurants on a regular basis or relying too often on takeout or pre-packaged frozen meals, you may benefit by bringing in an expert to help you break these bad habits and also improve the nutrition value of the meals in the process.

Generally, a personal Cost For A Personal Chefchef will come into your home once a week (or more of less frequently, depending on your needs) and cook all of your meals for the next few days. The chef typically brings all of his or her own supplies and utensils, so all you need to provide are the basics, such as your stove, refrigerator, freezer and microwave. You can expect that your cook will then make and package your meals and leave them for you with easy directions on how to warm them up so they will taste great whenever you are ready to eat them.

Most personal chefs can work with you to meet your specific dietary needs and to respond to any concerns or preferences you have. For instance, if you need to lower your blood sugar, want to watch your weight or only eat organic food, your personal chef can meet these needs and come up with some tasty, and creative, menus that include entrees, side dishes and even desserts, if desired, that you can enjoy over the coming the week. For more serious health issues, some personal chefs will also consult with your physician or nutritionist when planning your menus.

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