Imagine the lens of a camera on you, day in and day out, following you around as you go throughCost To Hire The Paparazzi the paces of your day. If you were a celebrity or other notable figure, being pursued by the paparazzi like this would be just a normal, and perhaps extremely annoying, part of your existence. But while most famous people don’t really enjoy being the focus of such persistent attention, some regular folks today are so eager to know what it feels like to be a star that they are willing to go to great lengths to actually create the experience. That’s where an array of new companies have come in, offering ordinary people the opportunity to hire “fake” paparazzi to shower them with attention. Such interest doesn’t come cheap, though. To partake in this type of staged opportunity can cost from a few hundred dollars on up to several thousand or more.

A New Breed For Hire

For the most famous personalities, bring pursued relentlessly by photographers who are watching their every move is inconvenient in the best of situations, and intolerable the rest of the time. And it can even be dangerous. In fact, a group of paparazzi were pursuing Princess Diana in 1997, when she was killed in a fatal car accident. What role the photographers may have actually had in this crash is unknown, but the fact remains that many celebrities go to great lengths to avoid being in the midst of the camera’s flashing bulbs.

Yet despite some of the negative connotations, it doesn’t seem to dissuade some regular people for wanting to know what it feels like to be the center of media attention. That’s where this new breed of paparazzi for hire are jumping in, helping even the most ordinary person feel like someone famous, at least for a few minutes. Some people choose to have this experience simply as a fun, harmless way to spend an evening or to celebrate a special occasion, caring less about the photos and more about feeling like someone special, while others choose to hire paparazzi to help them to actually capture the highlights of their day on film so they can have it to look back on in the future, sort of like a yearbook or wedding album.

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