If you are single and don’t want to stay that way, you might want to consider calling on the expertise of a professional matchmaker to help you change your fate. The art of matchmaking dates back to ancient times, but the practice is growing in popularity today. Many people who don’t have time to find their own companions are calling on the experts to help them to locate appropriate matches.

The Art Of Matchmaking

Cost For A Matchmaker

In some cultures, when a child comes of marrying age, the parents bring in a matchmaker to serve as a middleman who finds and screens potential mates. While the act of matchmaking in the United States basically follows the same premise, a major difference here is that it is usually the single adults themselves, not the parents, who initiate the process of locating a mate. In addition, in many other countries, once the parents approve the match, a marriage is arranged without the young people having much say. However, American singles insist on personal interest and chemistry, not just their family’s or a matchmaker’s okay, to take a relationship to the next step.

There is no specific training matchmakers bring to their job. They are usually people with strong networking skills who have a good understanding of human nature and of what makes two people click. In addition, many effective matchmakers have a strong gut instinct for how different personality types will work together in a relationship. In the Hindu tradition of matchmaking, the matchmakers also look beyond their own instincts to consult the “stars” or the singles’ astrology charts, to learn if the two people will be compatible. Most American matchmakers, on the other hand, forgo this step. Nonetheless, the fact remains that the universe, or fate, needs to be on a couple’s side for the match to ultimately lead to a wedding day.

How Some Celebrities Find A Date

Cost For A Matchmaker

It isn’t just your average single men and women who are turning to matchmakers these days for help finding a date. An increasing number of American celebrities are also looking for outside assistance with the dating process. Since celebrities dating other celebrities can come with its own challenges and stresses, matchmakers who specialize in working with this high-profile population are helping some of them move beyond their circle of famous friends to find them dates with “regular” people. With so many demands on a celebrity’s time and energy, the help of such an outside person can often be very beneficial.

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