What You Can Expect To Pay

Matchmakers and other dating venues usually require a long-term commitment to use their services.

In-person dating services can charge anywhere from $675 for one year of matches all the way up to $25,000 for a premium package with a reputable matchmaker.

Cost For A Matchmaker

For your investment, you can expect a dating service to provide you with a specified number of introductions. This actual number will vary a great deal, depending on the type of service you hire and how little or how much they charge. Generally, the more it costs, the more you can expect to get in return. But the area of the country in which you live, the success rate of the service, the number of clients they have and how in demand they are all are factors that come into play when it comes to what you can expect in return for this cost.

For a premium package with a top-notch matchmaker, you can assume you will get the person’s undivided attention and that he or she will take an aggressive role in tracking down an appropriate mate for you. Further, some matchmakers provide advice and coaching to help you ace the dating process.

In addition, if one of the more specialized services that hosts singles events appeals to your taste, you should understand that these companies can charge in many different ways. One individual who hosts dinner parties to introduce singles charges $100 plus the cost of two meals, while another popular company that arranges lunch dates charges clients $1,500 to arrange a total of 16 meetings.

Buyers Beware

Matchmakers and dating services aren’t regulated, so you need to do some research and make sure the company you choose is legitimate and reliable before you sign any contracts. Always ask for references and also find out what the cancellation policy is, in case you end up not being satisfied with what you get in the end.

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