Cost Of Maid Or Housecleaner

Imagine coming home and finding that someone else has cleaned your entire house from top to bottom. If you hire a maid or housecleaner (most people use these titles interchangeably), you can actually live out this dream on a regular basis!

With the busy schedules and demands of juggling family life with a career, more people are turning to outside professionals to help them handle the tasks involved in taking care of the their home and keeping them clean.

You can hire someone to come in once a week or once a month, depending on your budget and your needs. Or if you don’t want to commit to a regular schedule, some people just opt to have someone come in to clean before guests come or before holidays or other special occasions. Further, some may even just splurge once a year on a team of housecleaners or maids to perform an annual spring cleaning/overhaul.


With the help of a regular cleaning person, many people find that their house has never looked better. Most maids and housecleaners will dust in high corners, scour tile and tubs, move collectibles to clean underneath them and vacuum in hard-to-reach spaces. If you hire a cleaner yourself, you should be able to expect similar benefits, and you also may find that you can spend the time you used to devote to cleaning yourself to do other things you enjoy.

If you want to hire a maid but aren’t sure where to find one, there are several ways to approach the process. First, you can use one of the many online services available that provide directories of individual maids and maid services. Some of the popular sites for this purpose include Angie’s List, HireHousekeepers, HousekeeperHelp and DreamHomeStaff. Some of these sites are free to use for perspective employers, while others charge a small membership fee. In addition, some services offer matches with household help that meets your defined criteria and/or allows you to post your own ads on them, and some provide reviews and recommendations of good (and bad) options.

Other ways to find help include checking Craigslist for your area, browsing local newspaper ads, looking up maid services in the phone book and asking for suggestions from neighbors, family, friends and co-workers.

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