If you ever become seriously ill or injured and couldn’t communicate your wishes, wouldn’t you want to know that there was someone who could represent your medical preferences? That’s why it is so important to take the time to formalize your thoughts on a variety of serious issues and treatment options and have your preferences formally recorded in a legal document called a living will while you are able. In an emergency, this document will direct your family and medical professionals on what you want them to do, or not do, for you.

Planning For The Unthinkable

Cost For A Living Will

No one wants to image such a serious scenario occurring that leaves you unable to think or speak for yourself. But the reality is, this situation can and does happen all of the time, and if something like this should ever affect you, it is crucial that you have made your wishes on crucial issues (such as whether you’d want to be kept alive on life support) publicly known so your family and friends can help follow through on them for you. That’s where a living will comes in. Also called an advance directive, this document gives you the power to make your own decisions in advance that others can fall back on later.

Some people use their living wills to ensure that they will be kept alive using artificial support. Others can’t fathom the thought of living in a vegetative state with no hope of recovering and don’t want to be saved in such a case and want to express these wishes in writing.

You may relate to one of these views, or you may fall somewhere in the middle and might need to think about it for a while before making such a serious decision. Of course it is difficult to imagine yourself in such an unthinkable position, but the more you can anticipate different possibilities, the better off you will be should they occur. In addition, by making your wishes known, it will make things easier for your family and friends since they will be able to use your information to guide them on what you want and how you will like them to handle your health issues. Just keep in mind that if your family doesn’t agree with your ultimate decision, this topic can be a source of ongoing stress and tension. But in the end, you need to do what feels right for your personal and religious beliefs and preferences.

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