So you want to learn to ride a horse. Horseback riding can be a source of unbridled pleasure for people of all ages and ability levels. When you climb on the back of a horse, you can get a new vantage point from which explore the world. This can be an exhilarating experience, but it also carries some risk, so it’s important that you be properly trained in how to ride safely right from the first time you saddle up.

Horseback Riding Goals

Whether you want to learn to ride a horse for fun, learn to show your horse, or to ride competitively, horseback riding lessons can be an essential step to help you to achieve your goals.

Benefits Of Horse Riding Lessons

When you decide you want to try horseback riding, it’s important to understand up front that this sport requires time and money. But in return for the investment, you can expect to receive a host of physical and emotional benefits. For instance, horseback riding can be great exercise and can allow you to become attuned with nature. It also provides a unique opportunity to communicate closely with an animal. But more than this, it can also teach hard-work, responsibility, determination, balance, coordination and a sense of freedom that can be hard to replicate in any other way.

Key Decisions In Selecting Riding Lessons

Cost For Horseback Riding Lessons

Before you sign up for horseback riding lessons, you’ll need to decide what type of lessons you’d like. There are two basic horse saddle styles: English and Western. Each one has some different nuances, so you will need to determine which one feels more comfortable for you and your riding style. Many people opt for the Western horse saddle style, which is a little safer than English and can be easier to master, although many of the basics can be similar when it comes to beginner horseback riding lessons. You also need to know what you want to do with your horse riding skills. Are you looking for recreation horse trail riding, or do you hope to learn some stunts that you can use in a horse competition? If you’re not sure of your preferences, you might talk to some horse instructors to learn more about your choices and help find the right match.

What To Look For

Once you have an idea of your goals in seeking horseback riding lessons, you should contact some of the horse stables in your area and ask lots of questions to determine what they offer and how well they adhere to common safety practices.

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