You may think that hiring a bodyguard is a privilege restricted for the very rich and very famous. But in fact, today a variety of people of different means and backgrounds are contracting with such trained professionals to receive personal protection from a wide range of potential dangers.

The Need That Exists

Cost For A Bodyguard

With the tumultuous state of the nation that exists currently, there are many new challenges and threats facing people in all sorts of situations. Whether you hold a leading role in a well-known company, are an elected official, are involved in a highly-controversial legal case, have knowledge of very classified information, or have personal concerns about terrorism or kidnapping, there is a possibility that you could be at risk and would benefit from hiring personal protection for you and/or your family.

What’s In The Name

The title “bodyguard” is commonly used in books, on television and in movies. But there are a host of other names that are sometimes used to refer to the same position, such as “executive protection,” “personal security” and “security specialist.” Whatever you call it, though, the role is generally the same: the person is trained to do whatever it takes to keep you and your family safe.

Different Needs

There are different types of bodyguard arrangements you can secure, depending on your needs and your situation. Some people want just a single bodyguard for a few hours to escort them to a special event or occasion, while others may need a team of trained security people to live with them 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In addition, some executives, elected officials and celebrities or other people who are in the limelight may be in need of temporary protection when they have the need to travel outside of the United States. Finally, some bodyguards provide protection for a variety of patrons (rather than for an individual) at high-end locations, such as at prestigious restaurants, hotels and casinos.

What To Look For

Many body guards are former military members, law enforcement officers or private investigators, and most are trained in armed combat so they are ready to react to any threat that may arise. Keep in mind that a bodyguard doesn’t have to be big and muscular, but rather has to be an intelligent, highly-trained individual who is able to offer you protection on a variety of levels, including being able to foresee potential threats and heading them off effectively. In addition, some bodyguards carry a weapon (or weapons) at all times. Finally, you can hire a bodyguard who wears plain clothing and blends in with your crowd, or you can opt to have one wear a uniform in the hopes of scaring off potential predators.

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