Cost For Ballet Classes

Does your little girl love visions of sugar plum fairies, creamy pink pointe shoes and layers upon layers of sparkly tulle? If so, then she may have her heart set on one day becoming a prima ballerina. Many girls – and lots of boys, too -- are entranced by the romance of ballet and all its lovely trappings, and some are willing to go to great lengths to try to master this art. But keep in mind that taking ballet classes isn’t inexpensive.

Teaching An Array Of Skills

While the idea of becoming a professional dancer appeals to many young people, it is important to remember that few of them ever make it professionally in this challenging world. But this does not mean that you shouldn’t encourage your child to give it a try, since you never know who will have the talent to become a serious dancer. And even if your child never dances with the New York City Ballet, ballet classes can teach a host of skills that can translate into other arenas, such as hard work, persistence, coordination, gracefulness, strength, endurance and poise.

Money Matters

Maybe you’d love your child to take up ballet but are nervous about the financial commitment it will require you to make. Well, the good news is that there are a wide range of settings where you can find relatively affordable classes geared to beginners. You can usually find easy access to lessons through local places such as community centers, YMCAs and small privately-run dance studios. Such recreational dance lessons can be relatively affordable and can accommodate a variety of ability levels. (Many of these dance schools also offer classes for adults, too, so you can also have a chance to try this classical form of exercise if you so desire.)

To check out your options, you can look online, read classified ads in your local newspaper that advertise ballet studios, or ask around for recommendations from other parents.

Just know that if your child becomes especially becomes skilled at ballet and wants to pursue it more seriously, you may need to find a more serious dance school, and you can expect that the commitment in time and money will increase quite a bit at that time.

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